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MONT helps partners to solve customer problems, including but not limited to the choice of products. We help reduce costs, improve the security and efficiency of your IT infrastructure and solve other problems.

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We help you and your customers

For whom is it intended?

We share our expertise at all stages, including presales, implementation and post-sales support. As a result, our partners receive a turnkey solution: products and services from a single source.

MONT expert solutions are useful, if:

  • You are lacking competencies or experts
  • You need help or extra services
  • You have non-specific requests from your customers
  • You need to get the whole range of services from one source
  • You need to develop new markets

MONT expert competences

Cloud distribution

Server virtualization

Infrastructure management

Backup systems

Unified communications

Information security

MONT Expert Services

Expert services at presales stage

  • Audit of the current customer infrastructure
  • Problem identification and consultation
  • Preparation of demonstration stands (in MONT environment)
  • Implementation of pilot projects (in the customer’s environment)
  • Tender support (implementation, post-sales technical support)   — availability of technical certificates, development of technical specifications for  product introduction
  • The MONT demo center is a virtualization system based on the VMware platform  allowing you to view the software product from inside: evaluate its functionality and interface, try it out.

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Working through partners or on behalf of vendors

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Quality assurance and focus on long-term cooperation

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8 years of experience

Experience in solution implementation

Comprehensive customer support

Products and services from one source

Certified expertise

High qualification and periodically updated certificates

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Frequently asked questions


How to join the MONT partner network?

If your company has not yet registered with us feel free to apply via short online form. Then all you need is place your first order!

Do you sell OEM software products?

Yes. Just place your purchase order featuring the relevant OEM SKU. If you are a hardware vendor and want to incorporate the OEM software with your own products for resale you don't need to enter any special OEM arrangements to supplement your product lines.

How do you ship products to your partners?

Typically we ship products via express delivery services such as DPD, Garantpost, DHL, UPS, JDE, Pony Express and PSV-Air. Alternatively, you can collect your products directly from our branches throughout Russia and CIS.

We prefer to collect products from your branch located in our region. Where should we place our orders?

You can contact either our headquarters in Moscow or a MONT branch in your region to place your orders. You will get the same pricing or terms in both cases.

How to obtain marketing collaterals?

Marketing collaterals are free for our partners. Just contact your partner representative.

How long will it take to ship a product that is out of stock at the warehouse?

One day to eight weeks, depending on vendor and destination of shipment. Timeframes for typical products are:

  • Microsoft boxed products: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Enterprise licenses: 1 to 2 weeks
  • OEM Microsoft: Never out of stock at the warehouse
  • Electronic license keys: Within a few minutes

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