Classic distribution

MONT classical distribution is a method to deliver software products from leading foreign and domestic vendors through physical deliveries of products, purchase of packaged products, OEM versions and corporate licenses.

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For whom is classical
distribution intended?

The classical software acquisition method is suitable for licensed software resellers and companies and entrepreneurs engaged in licensed software delivery as part of different projects.

This offer suits you, if you want to:

  • Start a business
  • Expand your product portfolio
  • Get a convenient procurement procedure for a wide range of software products

The tip of the iceberg. 4  000   titles

The product portfolio of electronic distribution MONT is constantly expanding, just like   the geography of its presence: today, the company is represented on the   markets of Russia, CIS countries and   Georgia.

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Work on a convenient portal for partners

Order placement and monthly billing through an automated platform. It's fast and easy.

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Up-to-date information on   bills, payment dates, payments, overdue debts


Self-ordering for  licenses, boxes, ESD (electronic keys), and  also creating orders from  the license form.

Purchase history

Information in   real-time   all orders placed from   various sources


Price lists (basic from   vendor and   with   personal discounts), templates of license forms, authorization letters, marketing materials.

Document flow

The ability to find the products you need to order by  partner number, group of partner numbers or name.

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  • Order software products on a multifunctional B2B portal

Quick solution of
business problems using VAD model

MONT uses the Value Added Distribution (VAD) model, helping partners to solve business problems effectively and quickly using additional services such as well-organized logistics, technical advice, presales, training, marketing and financial instruments.

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The distributor of the year 2015 in Central and Eastern Europe
MONT's product portfolio and geographical coverage is constantly expanding
Flexible financial solutions, well-organized logistics, pre-sales, technical advice and marketing programs
MONT is an authorized distributor, so software products and solutions are sold to end users only through its partner network

Our benefits

MONT has been supplying software and hardware products from leading global software manufacturers for over twenty years. Working with MONT on the classical distribution model, you will get:

  • Presales and technical advice
  • Well-organized logistics
  • Industry-specific events and training
  • Maximum geographical coverage
  • Large portfolio of software vendors
  • Financial instruments
  • Marketing support

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Frequently asked questions


How to join the MONT partner network?

If your company has not yet registered with us feel free to apply via short online form. Then all you need is place your first order!

Do you sell OEM software products?

Yes. Just place your purchase order featuring the relevant OEM SKU. If you are a hardware vendor and want to incorporate the OEM software with your own products for resale you don't need to enter any special OEM arrangements to supplement your product lines.

How do you ship products to your partners?

Typically we ship products via express delivery services such as DPD, Garantpost, DHL, UPS, JDE, Pony Express and PSV-Air. Alternatively, you can collect your products directly from our branches throughout Russia and CIS.

We prefer to collect products from your branch located in our region. Where should we place our orders?

You can contact either our headquarters in Moscow or a MONT branch in your region to place your orders. You will get the same pricing or terms in both cases.

How to obtain marketing collaterals?

Marketing collaterals are free for our partners. Just contact your partner representative.

How long will it take to ship a product that is out of stock at the warehouse?

One day to eight weeks, depending on vendor and destination of shipment. Timeframes for typical products are:

  • Microsoft boxed products: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Enterprise licenses: 1 to 2 weeks
  • OEM Microsoft: Never out of stock at the warehouse
  • Electronic license keys: Within a few minutes